Triple War

Project Description


Designing game, developing all features and implementing AI.

Project Description

This is a personal project which I'm currently working on. Triple War is an RTS game which is being developed in Unity3D for Pc, Mac, Linux, and mobile (Android and iOS) platforms. The game is like the combination of Age of Empires and Civilization games with only deathmatch mode. In the game, three players play against eachother by creating soldiers and buildings, and use their races' skills to destroy enemy bases. One of the features of the game is, players can be in the same game even though they are playing on completely different operating systems. This means; an android user, iOS user and a Pc user can play in the same game. It is still in development but there will be a gameplay video soon!

Project Details

  • Skills Needed:

    Photon Networking

  • Categories:

    2D Projects
    Personal & Indie Projects