Garbage City

Project Description


Developing game features with Unity3D

Project Description

Garbage City is a fun, educational game which has a mission to deliver. The mission is to create environmentally aware people who can categorize which trash belongs to where. The game starts with random pieces of litter around the scene. Players can pick up and throw these to their matching recycle bins. The challenge factor is that user must take the wind into account as the objects being thrown can float to elsewhere in mid air. The wind factor simulates vector operations and provides a practice environment for the player. When the effects of the game on child players is investigated it is expected that the randomness of the trash, the planning of the shot while taking into consideration of the wind’s strength and direction will improve coordination skills, visual/spatial intelligence and help avoid attention deficit disorder. Garbage City is develop on behalf of “Yeğitek” to be used by M.E.B. in Fatih Project.

Project Details